Boulder Waterkeeper Does not Agree with CDPHE Response to CU Illicit Discharges

Boulder Waterkeeper submitted a formal response to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment letter stating that they have determined CU discharges into Boulder Creek are not ‘illicit discharges’.

The fundamental message of the Boulder Waterkeeper response is that underlying the discussion of terminology is the broader and more significant issue of impairment, responsibility and commitment to remediation. The University of Colorado is discharging significant levels of E. coli into Boulder Creek, the creek is impaired and all the stakeholders have a responsibility to assess, monitor and work to improve water quality.

Boulder Waterkeeper calls out six actions that CDPHE needs to take to hold CU accountable to their explicit and implicit obligations and to preserve and protect the integrity of the Boulder Creek watershed.

Boulder Waterkeeper Response to CDPHE Illicit Discharge Determination September 10, 2019

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