Boulder Waterkeeper Efforts

An organization needs to take clear and distinct points of view on issues and concerns facing the mission of the organization.  Boulder Waterkeeper has identified and committed to these efforts to preserve and protect the watershed:

Boulder Creek E.Coli Monitoring

Sampling, investigating and raising awareness of the E.coli challenges in the watershed.

Boulder Creek Watershed MS4 Permit Compliance

Tracking and supporting local jurisdictions in MS4 Permit compliance.

Colorado Clean Water Act Enforcement

Supporting CDPHE in efforts to enforce the Federal Clean Water Act

Water Rights Visibility

Providing details on and illumination of the specific and aggregate water rights in the Boulder Creek watershed.

Moffat Expansion Project

Supporting the efforts to stop the Gross Reservoir Dam expansion.

South CU Campus Development

Promoting the ‘Blinding Flash of the Obvious’ that it is not possible to accomplish all three overlapping objectives of a) Preserve Open Space, b) Protect Frasier Meadows, and c) Develop CU Property.

Rights of Nature

Acknowledging and supporting the the efforts to put forward a Colorado constitutional ballot initiative to introduce the use of the Public Trust Doctrine to manage the best interests of the public and important environmental entities.