Boulder Creek Watershed MS4 Permit Compliance

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Watershed Compliance
Municipalities greater than 20,000 people and schools are required to have a MS4 permit to discharge stormwater into waters of the State (Boulder Creek).  The following entities have a general stormwater permit within the Boulder Watershed (see Boulder Waterkeeper web page). City of Boulder Boulder County City of Lafayette City of Erie City of Superior University of Colorado Boulder School District The management of stormwater is important in maintaining and improving water quality within or associated with urban environments. The MS4 permittees are required to have specific programs to manage pollutants within stormwater discharges from their areas. It is unknown how well these programs are being managed by the municipalities due to lack of interest or lack of resources or both. CDPHE has no funding to monitor and evaluate these MS4 programs due to lack of resources and the municipalities know it. Waterkeeper will monitor compliance and inform CDPHE, EPA and the local citizens about non-compliances.
Ensure that watershed communities are compliant to newly administered MS4 permits that will protect and improve water quality. MS4 programs will be monitored in field for compliance and water quality protection.
1. Obtain and review MS4 annual reports to CDPHE from municipalities 2. Review MS4 permits and program implementation schedules for watershed communities 3. Contact municipalities for potential problems 4. Inspect high risk MS4 programs such as looking for illicit discharges, construction site discharges and post construction actions; send municipalities emails about observed problems 5. Adopt Construction Sites to evaluate water quality protection under the MS4 permit