Colorado Clean Water Act Enforcement

CDPHE Failure to Adequately Enforce the Clean Water Act
Expected Outcome

Influence decision makers to provide additional resources and awareness about enforcing the Clean Water Act with an emphasis on MS4 Program and other permits. Increase water regulation enforcement at a federal, state and local level.


1.  Contact representatives from EPA and CDPHE

2. Obtain federal and state regulations about enforcing the Clean Water Act and CDPHE regulations

3. Review regulatory information

4. Develop draft letter to CDPHE/EPA/other stakeholders; provide to Waterkeeper team for review and comment

5. Solicit support from other environmental organizations to co-sign

6. Send position letter to CDPHE/EPA/other stakeholders about lack of CWA enforcement

7. Evaluate areas to monitor for CWA compliance such as Discharge Monitoring Reports and notice of violation penalties and corrective actions