Sugarloaf Water Contanimation

Boulder residents of the Sugarloaf neighborhood are being advised by the Sugarloaf Fire Protection District (SFPD) to not use their well water due to elevated levels of perfluorooctanaic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulphate (PFOS) that exceed federal safety standards.  These chemicals commonly known as PFCs have been linked to health effects ranging from birth defects to bladder and prostate cancers.  Samples taken by the fire district from their wells on April 1 and May 10 both have elevated levels.  Additional tests from the well of a nearby homeowner also show evidence of contamination.  On Tuesday evening June 19th at the SFPD Board Meeting representatives will provide a briefing for concerned residents.  More information is available at

Waterkeeper Alliance 2018 Conference


Boulder Waterkeeper participated in the international Waterkeeper Alliance 2018 Conference in Buffalo NY.  Participants from 29 countries and 35 states attended the event to share information and strategies to preserve and protect drinkable, drinkable, fishable and swimmable waters around the world.  The conference highlight was a rousing speech by Bobby Kennedy Jr. on the links between environmental and social justice and pithy political comments on the dark alchemies of demagoguery.   Specific sessions and discussions on dam removal, instream flow, the rights of nature and Aloha ʻĀina provided strategies and insights that will be used to focus and refine Boulder Waterkeeper strategies and actions.

Boulder Waterkeeper Is Alive!

We are very excited to be launching the Boulder Waterkeeper!

We are currently building out the website, identifying issues to work on, and putting together a team of volunteers to begin protecting the Boulder Watershed. Stay tuned for all the news and action to protect this wonderful resource in this amazing community!

— The Boulder Waterkeeper Team