Summit Middle School Cleans up Boulder Creek

Students from Summit Middle School in Boulder under the guidance of Jennifer Perlick, Adam Perkins and Boulder Waterkeeper conducted a creek cleanup of Boulder Creek. Approximately 50 individuals, collected over 500 pounds of trash including cans, bottles, plastic, metal, clothing, sharps, electronics and cigarette butts between 30th Street and 13th Street. Both the creek and the students benefited from the event.

Watershed Forum Scheduled September 9, 2019 to Discuss Emerging Contaminants

Boulder Waterkeeper is hosting a Watershed Forum for the community to learn about and participate in a discussion regarding emerging contaminants in Boulder Creek. Local experts will present issues and status on chemical and endocrine contaminants in the creek and their impact on human health. The public is invited to participate at Boulder JCC on Monday September 9th, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Watershed Forum Flier – September 9, 2019 6:00pm Boulder JCC 6007 Oreg Avenue Boulder, Colorado

Front Range Anglers Join the Boulder Waterkeeper Community

Front Range Anglers ( join the Boulder Waterkeeper community with a generous donation. With the help and support of local organizations like Front Range Anglers Boulder Waterkeeper will be able to continue and increase efforts around water sampling, community outreach and coordination of Watershed Advocates to preserve and protect the Boulder Creek Watershed.

Thank you .

Boulder Waterkeeper Issues Formal Complaint to CDPHE Regarding CU Illicit Discharges into Boulder Creek

Boulder Waterkeeper has issued a formal complaint to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment detailing an illicit discharge into Boulder Creek. The Federal Clean Water Act provides a process for citizen reporting of illicit discharges. Boulder Waterkeeper is using this process to demand a response from CU regarding an illicit discharge that is contributing to E. coli levels above standards in Boulder Creek.

CDPHE CU Illicit Discharge Letter August 8, 2019

CDPHE CU Illicit Discharge Press Release August 9, 2019

Denver Channel 7 ABC Interviews Boulder Waterkeeper Watershed Advocate

Denver ABC affiliate KMGH-TV interviews Boulder Waterkeeper Watershed Advocate Art Hirsch on the E. coli levels in Boulder Creek at the CU campus outfalls. Reporter Jennifer Kovaleski and crew visited Boulder Creek, shot video of the outfall and discussed the cause and implications of the E. coli levels in the two minute segment aired on the nightly news.

E. coli Levels Spike in Boulder Creek

Boulder Waterkeeper Tests for E. coli in Boulder Creek

On July 11th Boulder Waterkeeper Watershed Advocates Art Hirsch and Ted Ross collected water samples from three locations in Boulder Creek and sent them to a laboratory to test for the levels of E. coli contamination. The locations were on the south side of the creek between 13th street and Folsom. Results will be available by the end of July.

Watershed Advocate Art Hirsh Calls out Health Risks in Boulder Creek

Boulder Waterkeeper keeps the focus on E. coli contamination in Boulder Creek in a Daily Camera letter to the editor in the July 6, 2019 edition. While recognizing that there is some risk in recreating in any natural waters, the impaired status of Boulder Creek between the library and 61st street deserves special consideration and raises the potential of information signage to increase public awareness.

Waterkeeper Forum Addresses E. coli Risks in Boulder Creek

The Boulder Waterkeeper initiated their first Boulder Waterkeeper Water Quality Forum on June 10, 2019. The topic of discussion was E coli in Boulder Creek and the overall Boulder Creek Watershed. Representatives from the City of Boulder, Boulder County and the University of Colorado-Boulder gave presentations on their E coli reduction programs.

There was no obvious consensus conclusion to the discussion, but three essential points need to be acknowledged: a) While swimming in any natural water carries risks, the E. coli concentrations in Boulder Creek downstream from 13th street elevate those risks, b) Boulder Creek has been designated an impaired stream by the EPA and CDPHE for over 10 years and there is no obvious path to remediation and delisting, c) any solution will require cooperation and coordination by all stakeholders including the City, the County and CU.

The forum was attended by 40 who raised excellent questions during the 45 minute question and answer period. Boulder Waterkeeper Forums will be conducted quarterly and the next forum will be in the month of September, 2018.

Boulder Waterkeeper Presentation

Boulder County Presentation

City of Boulder Presentation

University of Colorado Presentation

Boulder Waterkeeper Presses for CDPHE Funding for Clean Water Act Enforcement

Boulder Waterkeeper has issued a public letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Colorado Governor Jared Polis calling for increased funding for enforcement of the Clean Water Act in Colorado. Currently CDPHE enforcement funding is permit based. We believe this source of funding is insufficient to address the 43% of stream miles and 75% of lakes and reservoirs in Colorado that do not meet water quality standards. Greater visibility, focus, education, funding and action is necessary for Colorado to be a leader in watershed protection.

Boulder Waterkeeper Letter to EPA, CDPHE and Governor Polis May 20, 2019

Boulder Waterkeeper Watching CDOT Construction in Boulder Canyon

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is performing construction and repair work in Boulder Canyon on State Highway 119 from Boulder to Nederland. The project is meant to repair damage done during the 2013 flood and provide an expansion of bike and hiking trails adjacent to the highway. The Boulder Waterkeeper expressed concerns about this project via a formal letter to CDOT that focused on impact to fish spawning and sediment loading into Boulder Creek. CDOT has failed to formally respond to these concerns. Boulder Waterkeeper has made several observations while driving in Boulder Canyon and noted poor installations of sediment control measures that are not in accordance to CDOT specifications. Pictures were provided to CDOT during a meeting and also sent to the CDOT Project Hotline for corrective action. Follow up observations are planned by throughout the year long project Boulder Waterkeeper to ensure stream protection.