The Boulder Creek watershed drains 448 square miles and is 31.4 miles long stretching from continental divide in the Indian Peaks wilderness area to the confluence of the St. Vrain Creek east of Longmont. Details on the watershed features, Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUCs), EPA discharge sites and downstream watershed can be explored in the interactive map.

Graphical Information System Layers

USGS National Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)
USGS EDNA-Derived Watershed Atlas
EPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)

Citizen Watershed Patrols

Boulder Waterkeeper approach for patrolling the watershed is boots on the ground visitation and observation of key geographical and community locations of the watershed.  Click on the the map to see additional details on each location and photographs of the boots patrol visits

Community participation is necessary.  Boots, eyes and ears on the creek are essential and the more the better, please visit locations in the watershed and send photos and reports to boulderwaterkeeper@gmail.com.

Social Media Feed

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NOAA MOnitoring

NOAA water quantity data.

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National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service: BRDC2

US Geologic Service Stream Gauges

USGS water quantity data.

USGS National Water Information System: 06730200 06730500

City of Boulder Watershed Management

The City of Boulder publishes periodic water quality reports and maintains a creekcam at the New Britain Building,at 1101 Arapahoe Avenue.

City of Boulder Creekcam

City of Boulder Water Quality Results